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Applications & Projects

Window glass is always used in commercial building glass, residential glass or automobiles. Window types can be sliding aluminum window, casement window, fixed window and so on. The glass can be toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass, double or triple glazing, curved shape tempered safey glass etc. It always use modern energy saving glass, like low e or reflective glass to get green building effect. Glass reflective colors like green, blue, neutral, golden, purple are available.

Curtain Wall
The curtain wall glass is using high technology of energy saving balancing good looking effect. It applies solar reflective glass, Low E glass, tempered glass, laminated glass or curved tempered safety glass according to different project requirements. The solar reflective glass has the good function of reducing the solar energy going to indoor room, so they are mainly used in building curtain wall in hot region countries. And the cold areas usually use Low E insulated glass, as they can drastically reduce the U value transmittance and keep the room warm.

Glass Partition
Glass partition also known as the glass partition wall,is used in large office area,Exhibition Hall,shower door and so on. There are tempered glass sliding glass partition,double glazing glass partition, thermal reflective glass partition, acid etched glass partition and silkcreen printing glass partition.

Glass Railing
Glass railing is mainly used in,airport, subway,bus stations,shopping malls,buildings,hotels, pool,terrace,square decoration engineering etc. Usually there are tempered safety glass railing and laminated safety glass railing.

Furniture Glass
The furniture glass is more widely used in home appliance glass, shower glass, architectural glass and also sofa, home/office furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchen cabinet.

Curved Laminated Glass
Curved laminated glass is produced by permanently bonding too pieces of glass together with an interlayer. The interlay acts to hold the glass together in the event of a breakage. Curved laminated glass can be made up of any combination of glass types. Curved laminated glass is custom made for each project and as such can be produced to meet a variety of designs.

Low E Insulated Glass
Low E Insulated Glass is also called low emissivity coated glass/ insulated low e glass/ low e window glass/ low e building glass/ low e double glazing glass/ low e IGU and so on. It is combined by two or more tempered/float glass sheets and one or more sheets of them with Low E coating to save energy. The low e coating of the Low E double glazing glass can be single silver Low E, double silver Low-E, triple silver Low E which have different performance and colors. For more information, please consult our sales engineer to get our data sheet and samples.

Fire Proof Glass
Fire Proof Glass is also called Fire-resistant glass/fire rated glass/ceramic glass/monolithic fire rated glass/laminated fire proof glass/tempered fire proof glass and so on. It adopts special process to promote the heat stability performance of the float glass and classifies different grade in 30-120mins range time against to fire and heat attacking. So it could stop the spread of fire and leave enough time to escape and put out the fire.
Fire-resistant Glass also can promote the strength performance, wind resistance performance and safety performance if using it in curtain wall of architecture.

Holes and Notches
Hole and notch always used for tempered glass,laminated glass,acid etched glass and so on. In some cases, we will consider hole and notch locations and size according to your drawings. Pls kindly see below details:
Minimum Glass Width: The minimum width of the product should be 8 times the thickness of the glass.
Edge of glass to nearest point of hole: Glass less than 1/2" thick should not have holes located any closer than 1.5 times the thickness of the glass. Glass thicker than 1/2" should not have holes located any closer than 2 times the thickness of the glass.
Corner of glass to nearest point of hole: Holes should not be located any closer than 6.5 times the thickness of the glass.
Dimension of holes: The minimum dimension of a hole should be at least 1/16" larger than the thickness of the glass. The maximum dimension of the hole should not be more than 1/3 the narrowest dimension of the piece.
Notches and cutouts: All must have a fillet with radius equal to, or greater than the thickness of the glass.

Clear Curved Tempered Glass
Clear Curved tempered glass, also called clear bent tempered glass, is made of clear glass which is firstly heated to softening point on metal mould and then curved to shape by weight of glass itself and outside force, and finally cooled down. Clear Curved tempered glass is heated to the correct temperature in the precisely controlled furnace, which eliminates glass waviness as a result of overheating and ensures an outstanding glass quality. Clear curved tempered glass represents the future trend in construction and curtain wall, and has seen rapid growth in worldwide demand.

Reflective Bent Tempered Glass

Hot Curved Glass
Hot curved glass is made by flat glass, it is heated and softened to the shape of mold. Hot curved glass is generally processed in an electric furnace. The visual appeal is not the only aspect driving designers all over the world towards curved glass. Surprisingly enough, curved glass is also highly efficient when used in structural glazing applications. Not only that, the arching actually makes it highly load resistant. When used properly, arching also minimizes deflections. In practice, curved glass solutions are excellent in structural applications. And when designed well, they can reduce the use of other building materials.

Silk Screen Printing Glass
Silk-Screen printing Glass is also called Colored ceramic fritted glass/ Enamel glass/ Silk screen printed glass, etc. It is produced by applying a thin layer of ceramic paint onto the glass surface by adopting silk-screen printing process. Then to dry the coating and temper the glass with ceramic paint incorporated into the glass surface so that make sure the color and pattern on glass are durable for long time.