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Anti-Reflective Glass
Anti-Reflective Glass
  Product introduction

      AR  Glass (Anti-reflection glass ) is also named add-transmissivity  glass or anti-reflection glass. Anti-Reflection glass is float glass with a specially designed coating processed on single or both surfaces, which reflects a very low % of light. It offers maximum transparency and optical clarity, allowing optimum viewing through the glass at all times. The clarity of vision makes anti-reflective glass suitable for all applications where glass should be transparent. It makes the transparency of ordinary glass promoted in the visible light and near infrared wavebands, and reducing reflection rate. 

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Features 特点

1) Use advanced magnetron sputtering vacuum coating technology, coating the nano optics multilayer film on the glass from 91%  to 98%~99%.     
(2) Decrease reflectivity from 8% (float glass) to less than 2%.   
(3) Strong film adhesive ability.   
(4) It has the UV Resistant Adhesive film, which can effectively protect eyes.   The penetration rate of ultraviolet spectral region is nearly 0%, effectively preventing the ultraviolet from doing harm to eyes.   
(5) High-temperature resistant:  AR glass high-temperature resistance > 500 Degrees Celsius (General acryl is only resistant to 80 Degrees Celsius)   
(6) Best anti-scratching and abrasive resistance: The hardness of AR film of this product is equal to that of glass up to 8.5H, far above that of other plastic products (2H to 3H for general PC board)
(7) Strong Impact Resistance: The impact property of 3mm thick glass equals to that of 6mm Acryl.
(8) Resistant to All Kinds of Detergents: This product can be resistant to PH1-13 solution for 72 hours without damaging the film; resistant to the scrubbing of all kinds of acid and alkali detergents.    
(9) Visual Angle Stability: The visual angle of Acryl will generally become smaller after installation; while AR won't after installation.   
(10) Good appearance: The surface flatness of AR glass is far greater than coated Acryl. The larger the sizes are, the greater the gap is. In addition,the cold-hot deformation of AR glass can be ignored and applicable to all kinds of environment; meanwhile, AR glass has a sense of colored glaze and beautiful appearance.

Application 应用

      Mainly used in display devices such as LCD TV, computer monitors, portable, computer monitors television, PDP TV, notebook PC, table computer display screen, out-door display screen and windows such electronic products which need to improve the transmittance rate and reduce the reflectivity rate. 

Color,Size,Thickness 颜色,尺寸,厚度

Minimum size:177*100mm
Maximum size 3000mm × 6000mm
Thickness:Thickness: 1.1mm,1.8mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,10mm,12mm