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Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass
  Product introduction

      Tempered Glass is a kind of safety glass as its strong and uniform pressure stress and multiplied mechanical strength after heating and quenching treatment. The toughness glass as safety glass is widely used for places with higher requirements on mechanical strength and safety, such as glazed door, building curtain wall and partition which is close to heat source and suffers from severe cold and hot shock. It can be used singly or made into sandwich or hollow product as required.

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Features 特点

(1) Safety (tempered), when broken, it splits into very small harmless particles
(2) Strong intensity. Heat-strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness, and tempered glass is about 4 times.
(3) Outstanding performance in resisting thermal stress and wind-load.
(4) Deep process not available: tempered glass can not be cut, drill hole and other further process
(5) Tempering logo & pattern printing available: tempered glass can printed special logo and pattern with enamel by silkscreen.
(6) Different kinds of glass like clear tempered glass, tinted glass and various patterned glass (including Aqualite, Nashiji, Mlstlite, Oceanic, Rain, Raindow, Gluechip, Flash and other popular pattern) are available

Application 应用

(1) Places where need safety glass demanded by building regulations, windows and other parts of the building
(2) Glass railings and escalators barrier, windows of vehicles and ships,
(3) Glass desktop and display shelf, interior decoration and furniture

Color,Size,Thickness 颜色,尺寸,厚度
FT : fully toughened
HS : heat strengthened
FTH : fully toughened and heat soak tested
Maximum Size:
Flat Tempered 3600mm×18000mm
Curved Tempered 3600mm×18000mm

Temperable Glass Range:Clear Float Glass,Ultra Clear Glass,Tinted Glass,Reflective Glass, Low-E Glass,Patterned Glass and so on