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Low-E Glass
Low-E Glass
  Product introduction

     is a new-type energy efficient glass features in high reflectivity of far infrared heat radiation. Online LOW-E coated glass is produced by pyrolyzing coating material continuously under high temperature through CVD and MOCVD coating technology so as to deposit them on glass substrate surface moving inside a tin bath and black-out furnace.  

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Features 特点

(1)High efficiency in energy saving and environment production. It is an efficient energy saving building material because of its high performance in heat insulation.
(2)Wonderful performance in visible light transmission
(3)Stable chemical performance. It can be used as a single layer or may be stored for a long period of time for further procession
(4)Stable performance in thermal processing. It is easy to be further processed for tempering, thermal bending or insulating.
(5)Stable mechanical performance for solid coat, high abrasion and scratch resistance.
(6)When processed into Insulated Glass, it is not necessary to clean up edge coat

Application 应用

  Low-E glass is to coat low emissivity silver and metal oxide layers on glass surface. The coatings on glass will show different colors. Its major properties is to lower the U-value and selectively lower the SC which on the whole improves the glass energy efficiency. It features high infrared reflection. It can directly reflect far infrared. Because of its low surface emissivity(E), it absorbs and re-radiates very little energy. It has a wide range of shading coefficient(SC) which can meet different solar control requirements according to different climates. It can be divided into high transmission low-E glass and solar control low-E glass.
     High transmission Low-E glass has shading coefficient Sc≥0.5 which does not reduce too much solar heat. It is very suitable to be used in the northern area where heating system is adopted. In winter, sun rays can transmit through this type of Low-E glass into the room and the energy is absorbed by interior objects. The objects in the room will re-rediate far infrared which cannot pass through the Low-E glass. Such solar heat is confined indoors together with the heat from the indoor heaters. Thus, heating costs can be reduced.
    Solar Control Low-E glass has shading coefficient Sc<0.5 which can reduce solar heat transmission. It is very suitable to be used in the southern area where air conditioner is used for cooling. In summer, it can block solar heat from entering the room as well as to block scattered far infrared from outdoors. Thus, the costs of air conditioning can be reduced.         According to the number of silver layers in the coating, it can be categorised into single-silver Low-E glass, double-silver Low-E glass and triple-silver low-E glass. In some occasions, requirements of high visible light transmittance and very low shading coefficient is needed. This drives the development of Double-silver Low-E glass. In general, double-silver Low-E glass has higher visible light transmittance than single-silver Low-E glass when both have the same SC. This feature is even more obvious in Triple-silver Low-E glass. Double-silver glass has a wide range of application. It has the following characteristics: lower shading coefficient than solar control Low-E glass, low emissivity allow good heat preservation, low reflectance, and better transmittance.

Color,Size,Thickness 颜色,尺寸,厚度

Thickness:4mm, 5mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm
Color Options:.Our Company could provide Online LOW-E Coated Glass of all colors.
Quality standards: GB/T18915.2-2002