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  GOLDEN FAITH  SILVER MIRROR  is a highly durable mirror .Silver mirror is created by depositing a layer of silver onto glass ,which is then treated, proceeded by one or more layers of highly resistant protective paint.The innovative manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly and improves the ovalall durability and optical quality of the product .
1) Environmentally friendly
2) Transforms internal spaces with brilliance and perspective,
Increase the feeling of space and enhances interiors
3) Optical quality and durability
4) Easy processing and installation
5) Processed product variations ,suitable for cutting into regular and more unusual shapes ,after cutting ,it can be drilled and edgeworked (bevel, arris etc) ,Like traditional mirrors, wall mirror ,decorative mirror ,safety mirror ,furniture mirror .The front face of the mirror can be customized by means of sandblasting or engraving to create patterns ,logos,and graphics etc
1. In communal areas in office or apartment blocks: entrance halls,lifts or landings
2. In shopping centers and retail stores                                
3. In bars, restaurants, clubs, theatresand cinemas
4. In public buildings, offices ,clinics and hospitals
5. To be used as framed or unframed mirrors
6. For paneling on walls ,doors or pillars
7. In furniture (tables, cupboard doors, shelves etc
      Safety mirror complies with impact performances requirements for use in building£¬Easy installation and processing,Safety mirror is with compatible with more silicones and adhesives than traditional mirrors. The durability of the coating makes the glass easies to cut and process. Safety mirror is suitable for cutting into regular and more unusual shapes.After cutting, it can be drilled and edgeworked (bevel, arris etc.) ,like traditional mirrors .The front face of the mirror can ales is customized by means of sandblasting or engraving to create patterns, logos and graphics
   1)Glazing into a frame
Ensure the frame and glazing channels are clean and dry
Position the mirrors on hard plastic blocks at least 3 mm thick, in order to raise the mirror and to avoid any contact with water,
Which could collect in the frame?
   2)Screw fixing
Use screws of appropriate dimension
Avoid direct contact between the glass and the metal by using plastic spacers and washers
Attach the mirror by applying pressure without placing any stresses on it
  3)Adhesive fixing
Secure the mirror using double ¨Csided adhesive strips or pads that are certified as being compatible with mirrors
Always follow the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer
If in any doubt the compatibility of the adhesive with the mirror backing, test its reaction to the backing paint and/or safety film
 4)Exterior glazing 
Ensure that the rear surface and edges are protected from the weather
Ensure that the inside of panel is ventilate
Do not use harsh products is left around the edges.
Ensure that no residue from clearning product is left around the edges.
1)Ensure there is a space between the supporting wall and the mirror to provide good ventilations (5mm space is <1m tall, 10mm space if the mirror is>1m tall)
2)When fitting several mirrors side by side, provide a minimum space of 1or 2 mm between them for spacers.
3)Place the mirror against a support wall which is stable, clean and dry, and free from harsh substances
4)To avoid optical distortion the mirror must be installed absolutely flat against a flat surface without any point stresses.
5)Avoid positioning the mirror too close to a source of intense heat. 
tion are also used, especially in optical instruments.